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Power Flushing

Have your radiators been losing heat or getting cold in patches?

Maintenance Doctor have a team of highly-trained and qualified gas engineers who know how important it is to have your heating working efficiently and keeping your boiler maintained. With over 40 years of experience in both Domestic and Commercial setups, we can help you repair and improve all your heating issues until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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The Basics: Just what is a Powerflush

When people say ‘Power Flushing’ – they are referring to a special cleaning process that attempts to remove sludge deposits, rust and other pieces of debris from your central heating system. If these contaminants are left untreated, they can serious damage the efficiency of your heaters and, in many severe cases, a powerflush may be the only viable solution to repair it.

Over periods of time, the water that is in your radiators, pipes and boiler leaves unwanted deposits like rust, dirt and debris – creating an unpleasant muddy substance that professionals have termed ‘sludge’

When you have sludge in your heating system, it can create blockages and cause corrosion which can cause inefficiency and even breakdowns. In more extreme scenarios – it can be damaging enough that the only solution is a complete boiler replacement!

So when might you need a Powerflush?

So long as you are servicing and maintaining your system regularly (a professional service is recommended on an annually basis), then a preventative power flushing should only be necessary every 5 or 6 years – just to clean out the debris and help prevent more serious blockages from happening.

However, depending on the system that you have setup – this may vary. As an example – some boilers, instead of using stainless steel heat exchanges, use copper, which will corrode faster.

IMPORTANT: Note that if you are planning on replacing your boiler, it is essential that your engineer carries out a powerflush before the boiler installation. Not doing so could result in you contaminating your new boiler with sludge and debris that is floating around in your old pipework AND may invalidate your warranty!

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Tell-Tale Signs that you need a Powerflush

Just like any service, there are signs for you to look out for to let you know that there is something wrong with your central heating system.

There may be cold patches on your radiator (e.g. The bottoms)
When you bleed the rads – the water may be discoloured
Your boiler or heating system pump makes excessive noise
The heating is slow to warm up
Some radiators are slower to heat up than others or under-perform
Your pipes are hot but the radiators themselves are cold
Your tap water turns cloudy (a sign of limescale in the system)
The boiler regularly needs restarting due to shutting off
No water comes out when you try to bleed the radiators
There are noticeable small leaks in the rads.

If you believe that any of these problems could be happening to you, or something sounds familiar – it’s time to make contact with a professional engineer.

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Sometimes all it takes to get your heating system back on track is a powerflush and service, but beware that unfortunately it is not always as simple. In rare circumstances – an engineer may advise you that it is cheaper to simply replace the system rather than repair it – often when it has been badly damaged.

So what benefits can you expect from a Powerflush?

Fear not – it’s not just doom and gloom – there are many positives that will come from carrying out a powerflush.

Your radiators will heat up quicker
The radiators will get hotter, faster
Your boiler and radiators will be quieter
You should receive higher water temperatures
Your system will last longer and has less chance of breaking down
A more energy efficient system should translate to cheaper utility bills

Of course there are many more positive attributes – but above are just a sample of how it could benefit the average consumer.

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Just how does a Powerflush work?

The first step you will see is your certified engineer connecting a pump to your central heating system.

If you have a Combi system in place – this will be connected at the pump head, but for System Boilers, these will be connected at the circulation pump. This pump is designed to push specialist chemicals throughout your pipes, radiators and boiler. It also includes a chemical that is meant to remove rust and sludge, a descaler designer to remove limescale and, in addition, a corrosion inhibitor to stop rust from forming in the future.


The engineer, having done all of this, will collect and then dispose of any debris, particles and contaminated water that they have removed from the system. They may also choose to use a special tool set on the outside of the radiator to dislodge more stubborn blockages – and – be able to accurately measure the temperature of your radiators both before their work and after, to show you the improvements that have been made.

Be advised, this process may take anywhere from 4-10 hours depending on the age of your system, the number of radiators you have connected and the severity of the sludge deposits in your system. Should the engineer encounter further problems than they had anticipated at the commencement, they will inform you of any new parts you may need or the best course of action to take. While most power flushing jobs can be completed inside a day, some of these more severe cases may require longer to operate on.

Remember – only qualified engineers should be allowed to perform repairs, replacements and a powerflush on your heating system.

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Who can I trust to carry out a powerflush?

Note that not every company will perform a powerflush for you as standard. Just like your typical business, there are a range of chemicals and equipment available on the market – and – operators who will carry out work on your system with varying levels of training, competency and attention to detail. Rest assured that at Maintenance Doctor – all of our engineers are both fully qualified and trained to the highest levels of expertise.

May I perform a Powerflush without a professional?

The answer is simple – not ideally.

Of course there are thousands of instructional videos and DIY kits available to see and buy on the internet – but this is a risky and often complicated job. While a decent professional may make a job look simple – there are many things that can go wrong. In addition – the specialist chemicals used and the equipment operated with are best done only by those who have been trained to do so.

It may also be possible that any attempt to undertake work on your heating system without professional guidance can invalidate your warranties. A professional engineer should offer you a certificate to explain what work was carried out. This is a crucial piece of evidence for you to show your insurance provider or the manufacturer should anything go wrong – to guarantee your work was carried out meeting all guidelines and legal requirements.

Remember, if any work is carried out incorrectly or misguidedly – it may cause more damage than you initially had to contend with!

NB: Some engineers may trick you into believing a ‘magnetic filter’ will deliver the same results as a professional powerflush, but it can only help to protect an already ‘working’ system from future sludge build-ups and deposits.


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Just how much could a Powerflush cost?

While this is a question our accounts team are often asked on the phones – there are a wide variety of extenuating factors that can affect the answer. For example – the complexity of the heating system, the number of radiators in the property and, of course, potentially unexpected issues that may arise during the job. Typically fees range from £300 to £1000+ – but additional costs like extra descaling chemicals or replacement TRVs may change this.

While these amounts may sound expensive to some, it is imperative that your central heating system is run efficiently and a powerflush is key to doing that. It can also help save you a lot of money over time in lower heating bills and boiler replacements.

So call us today on 0208 0041 999 and book an appointment for one of our highly-skilled engineers to come and help you put your heating system back in tip-top shape today.

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